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Hasti Medic is one of the reputed names in the field of manufacturer & exporter of medical packaging, hospital disposables, disposable linen, surgical drapes, O. T. wears, surgical dressings, X-Ray Detectable Thread, Sterile Barrier System like Sterilization Wrapping Sheet(Invaster) and Absorbent Tray Liner (invaster-Ab). We are acknowledged for high quality products at best competitive market prices. We are backed with well equipped infrastructural facilities for the distribution of wide range of surgical products. We provides high quality products and reliable after-sales service.

Mr. Paresh Goti the mentor of our company Hasti Medic has immense influence in the progress of our organization. His expertise in the medical industry and cordial relationship with our vendors, allow us to continue our growth in a rapid manner and satisfy our clients based in North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and other countries.           
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  X-Ray Detectable Thread

X-ray detectable threads are used in Surgical Dressings as a Radiopaque component which is firmly attached to the products like Gauze Swab, Gauze Sponges, Laparotomy Sponges. Threads are non Toxic and non fluorescent. We have two types of X-ray Detectable Thread which can be differentiated by two methods for attaching them to Surgical dressings.

  Woven - WXT.
   -   The X-ray detectable thread is Woven in the Gauze while Weaving phase only.

  Heat Bond - HBXT.  -   The X-ray detectable thread bonded to Gauze by heat and pressure.

      * Good Elasticity with breaking Elongation.

      * Good color fastness.
      * No crecking and aging and adhere at 130C.
      * No de-pegmentation after boiled at 30 minutes in distilled water.                                      
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Sterile Barrier System
Sterilization Wrapping Sheet

InvaSter The Sterile barrier system is new generation non-woven, which combines a high strength and optimum steam penetration with excellent drape ability and a full barrier against micro-organisms.
InvaSter is composed of three layers polypropylene SMS fibers (Spun bond, Melt blown, Spun bond), of which middle layer consist of micro fibers that avoid the penetration of particles, blood or other fluids. By combining two other layers (long polypropylene fibers, Spun bond) with middle layer (Melt blown),
InvaSter offers very high resistance in pulling and tearing strength.
InvaSter is both before and after sterilization memory-free, due to its component and structure, the material does not fold back when the set is opened. This ensures a good aseptic technique and, subsequently, It prevents contaminations.
InvaSter is suitable for Steam, Formaldehyde, EO Gas and Plasma sterilization.
Size: 30cmx30cm, 40cmx40cm, 60cmx60cm, 75cmx75cm, 90cmx90cm, 120cmx120cm.     Click here to know more >

       ● Absorbent Tray Liner InvaSter-Ab

To avoid damp loads, wet loads, linting and damage during the sterilization process we have developed a different sterile barrier system called InvaSter-Ab (Absorbent Tray liner). InvaSter-Ab dosen't only provide an optimum damp regulation during the steam sterilization process, but also guarantee optimum protection against migration of micro-organisms after sterilization. InvaSter-Ab offers very high absorbency making it ideal for use as a tray liner to absorb any excess moisture produced during sterilization. These liners also help to wipe, fit snugly on bottom of the container & absorb the condensate inside sterilization container. The moist will be spread in the InvaSter-Ab (Absorbent Tray liner) so that it evaporates easily in drying phase. In this way a wet load will be avoided. InvaSter-Ab (Absorbent Tray liner) is also used for instrument trays to prevent damaging of contents and sterilization packing material. It also ensures an optimal protection on the sides of the instrument tray. InvaSter-Ab (Absorbent Tray liner) is suitable for Steam, Formaldehyde, EO Gas and Plasma sterilization.
Size: 30cmx30cm, 40cmx40cm, 60cmx60cm, 75cmx75cm, 90cmx90cm, 120cmx120cm.
We can also offer the material cut to the exact size and shape required.

Environmental Aspects.
Due to inert polypropylene
InvaSter and InvaSter-Ab will disintegrate into carbon dioxide and water when burnt in an incinerator, which does not cause damage to environment.                                 Click here to know more >

Activated Charcoal Dressing

consists principally of activated carbon impregnated with silver nano particles under carefully controlled conditions. The carbonizes fabric is enclosed in a sleeve of spunbonded non-woven nylon, sealed along all four edges, to facilitate handling and reduce particle and fibre loss. When applied to a wound the dressing adsorbs toxins and wound degradation products as well as volatile amines and fatty acids responsible for the production of wound odour. Bacteria present in wound exudate are also attracted to the surface of the dressing where they are killed by the antimicrobial activity of the silver, which is active against a wide range of pathogenic organisms. This action is claimed to reduce the bacterial colonization of the wound and thus inhibit infection without the problems associated with the use of topical antibiotics or antiseptics.                                                                                                
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