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X-Ray Detectable Thread


X-ray detectable threads are used in Surgical Dressings as a Radiopaque component which is firmly attached to the  products like Gauze Swab, Gauze Sponges, Laparotomy Sponges. Threads are non Toxic and non fluorescent.

We have two types of X-ray Detectable Thread which can be differentiated by two methods for attaching them to Surgical dressings.



Woven - WXT.   -   The X-ray detectable thread is Woven in the Gauze while Weaving phase only.

Technical Parameter:
breaking load : 1114.99cn
tensile strength : 0.37cn/dtex
mtr/roll : 3200-3300
roll/box : 25
thickness : 3200-3300 dtex
BASO4 content : ≥60%

  Heat Bond - HBXT.  -   The X-ray detectable thread bonded to Gauze by heat and pressure.

       * Good Elasticity with breaking Elongation.

       * Good color fastness.
       * No crecking and aging and adhere at 130C.
       * No de-pegmentation after boiled at 30 minutes in distilled water.                                          

Technical Parameter:
breaking load : 2.8N
tensile strength : 4 Mpa
Elongation : 290%
mtr/roll : 1600
roll/box : 20
thickness : 0.68mm
BASO4 content : ≥60%    


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